Friday, February 28, 2014

To hell with literature - read Inferno!

Seek and find...

Symbologist Robert Langdon is back in Dan Brown’s newest thriller. Langdon wakes up in a Florence hospital with no memory of the past few days, including what the heck he’s doing away from Boston. He doesn’t have time to ponder his predicament however, as he’s attacked by a spiky-haired assassin and barely escapes with his life with the help of a beautiful young doctor with an IQ of 208 who also happens to know martial arts. Unrealistic – yes. Fun – definitely. While hiding out at pretty doctor (Sienna)’s apartment, Robert finds something sewn into the back of his precious Harris Tweed jacket. Turns out, it’s a laser pointer carved out of bone and that projects an image of Botticelli’s Map of Hell with a few distinct and suspicious changes. Soon, Robert and Sienna find themselves racing against time to stop the plot of an evil geneticist who worshiped Dante and thinks that the Black Plague was the greatest thing to ever happen to civilization. Following clues that take them from Florence to Venice and on to Istanbul, Robert and Sienna try to piece together macabre clues adapted from Dante’s Inferno

You don’t read a Dan Brown book looking for great writing. You read it to go on an adventure, a fantastically nerdy adventure where you get a bit of a humanities lecture about every museum and every piece of artwork mentioned in the book. Add that to the fact that Inferno was my favorite of the required reads in my high school AP English class and there shouldn’t have been any doubt that I would read this book. In fact, I’m surprised it took me this long to get around to it. All in all, Inferno made for an entertaining mind-break.

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