Saturday, May 11, 2013

Faithful Place

Tana French is great. Her writing is so engaging even if that book is a bit predictable I still really enjoy it. The Likeness is by far the best so far but this one was really quite good.
Frank Mackey is one of my favorite characters in her books. There is something about him that just leaves you wanting more and more. It might have something to do with how real he feels since he is just so believable as a character. 

I am quite excited to read Broken Harbor but I still don't think it will surpass my favorite Tana French novel The Likeness.

There wasn't much I was unhappy with but she does use a lot of the same lingo in all her books. I can predict when someone with use the phrase "sweet f*ck all" which kind of makes me laugh.

I enjoyed the back story on Frank and I thought she did a really good job creating a previous world for him after being introduced to him in The Likeness.

I can't help but picture this guy playing Frank.

This might be entirely related to the Disney tv movie Luck of the Irish with Ryan Merriman. I said it MIGHT be related...yeah it is...but I still think he would do a good job!
Well I will wrap this up because if I go any further I will tell you what happens! I will just say that I love Tana French and you should read her books too!

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