Sunday, April 14, 2013

Owl You Need is Another Book Blog

Welcome to Owl You Need is a Good Read, a book blog run by four twenty-something owls who live in the midwest and love books, libraries, movies, and more.

We already have:
  1. A shamelessly cheesy title
  2. Adorable pictures of us looking our best, so you know who's writing
  3. Lots of opinions about the books we read, just waiting to be shared

This is Zelda! Zelda definitely stand out with her bright pink feathers. She loves YA books and has a soft spot for thrillers. She's also a longtime Harry Potter fan.

Sonya is another owl you'd definitely want as your friend. She keeps busy with working and going to school full-time, but she still finds the time to read. She also enjoys YA and middle grade fiction, along with most adult fiction unless it is a bad romance novel or an over-the-top sci-fi novel.

When it comes to books, Nox thinks the darker and more twisted the book, the better. What she reads varies, but if the book has inventive murders or angst (especially of the too-smart-for-her-age teenage girl variety), you're on the right track.

Madeleine is the last of the book owls. Madeleine reads widely and enjoys  literary fiction, classics, global lit, fantasy, and of course, YA.  She's also currently making a rather slow attempt to read all the Newbery Medal winners in order, which is proving to be more difficult than it sounds!

Thank you so much for stopping by. We can't wait to get started. If you want to know more about us, click on Our Parliament or follow us on twitter at @TheBookOwls.

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